Our tenants provide locum cover of the highest quality to practices in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. We recognise that efficiency and reliability are key ingredients in achieving a high reputation amongst the practices we serve.

Practices using Sterling Medical Chambers benefit from:

  • The convenience of our Chambers Manager as a single point of contact, which takes the hassle away from your Practice staff when it comes to getting locum cover. If you request a specific doctor, or if you particularly want a female GP, then we will endeavour to accommodate you.
  • A choice of local locums who are committed to local working and are familiar with the local healthcare organisation. We hope that with time, as you use our services more, you will get to know and be happy to work with any of us.
  • The reassurance of the quality of our tenants. We recognise that the reputation of Sterling Medical Chambers is to a large extent defined by this, and so only accept tenants that we believe will maintain our standards.
  • The possibility of cover in those unforeseen circumstances.
  • The potential for formal constructive feedback to practices from our members.

For Practices

Practices if you have a password please Click Here to access your booked sessions and request cover.

For Members

Members please Click Here to access your diary.